Depression Cherry

Music is always a great inspiration in everything I do. These last few months I have been listening to the albums of one of my favorite bands, Beach House. In particular Depression Cherry, when it came out in 2015, it didn't hit me as much as it has in recent months. "Depression" describes intense feelings of sadness.

While the "Cherry" is more of joy and happiness. This yin and yang effect is what I hear throughout this album. Those feelings of nostalgia, sadness, happiness.
"For us, Depression Cherry is a color, a place, a feeling, an energy ... that describes the place you arrive as you move through the infinite and varied journeys of existence ..."
Painting by Mark Rothko 

In this collection we use the colors red, pink and lilac. 

Red is the color of blood, it is related to love, desire, enthusiasm, feelings, stress, anger, indignation and security. Pink is the color of innocence and femininity. Lilac is the color of peace, affection and nostalgia.

Panting by the artist Francis Bacon 

We also were inspired by the works of land art artist, Andy Goldsworthy. The curves, simulating the forms found in nature, organic free forms. 

Land Art artist Andy Goldsworthy

The 1970’s was a time of great change, a new awakening. Something similar has happened after this global pandemic, our perspective of life changed forever. 

The reflection of that change can be seen in all the groovy prints, decor and fashion from the 1970’s. Checked patterns, intense colors and organic forms.  

Depression Cherry is a mix of the music, art, and architecture that I've been into recently: curves, organic forms and intense colors. My thoughts translated into conscious clothing ethically made.

Building by the brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer 

Depression Cherry Collection by Hera Studio